Meet Our Team

Alice, RTCMP, R.Ac, Reg Nutritionist


A experience acupuncturist & herbalist over 10 years, understood that maintenance of health and prevention of sickness are much more important than the healing process. There are many ways to prevent one from getting sick, such as food, diet, life style, daily habits, balancing stress, work, personal attitude, etc.

Ensure her experience & work can help you enhance your health to enjoy a high quality of life.

 Alice’s training includes: 

- TCM Acupuncture

- Chinese Herbal medicine

- Nutrition

Dan, ​Osteosomatic Therapist, R.Ac


Dan has twenty years of experience providing relief of headache, neck, and back pain.

He uses a soft approach but dramatically effective touch to release your muscle tension, realign your spine, and teach you to maintain proper posture. This technique does not cause headache flare-ups like some chiropractic treatments can. It is safe and gentle enough for arthritis patients, and effective enough for strongly built athletes.

Dan’s training includes:
- TCM Acupuncture
- McKenzie Course for Spinal Disorders
- Canadian School of Iridology
- Cyriax Courses A and B
- Craniosacral I and II by Upledger
- Laser acupuncture with Dr. Morrow

Nathan, RMT


Nathan is a well-trained and skillful Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), attaining his diploma from the Canadian College of Traditional Hydrotherapy in June 2009. He is currently studying osteopathy.

He is skillful in deep tissue, trigger-point and prenatal massage techniques. These all help to ease muscular tension, which allows for an increased range of motion in joints and results in a quicker recovery time. 

Nathan is very interested in his clients’ well being and works with a holistic approach. He gets to the root of the problem and educates his patients about the importance of daily remedial exercises in detail. He has a passion for relieving bodily pain and hopes to enrich the quality of everyone’s lives. Nathan continues to demonstrate his experience and vast knowledge of the body when working with his clients.

SeongEun Ra (Tina), R. Ac


  SeongEun Ra was intrigued to the study of acupuncture when she discovered it was very effective in treating many health issues of herself and her family members. SeongEun studied TCM acupuncture and graduated with honours at the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is now a R. Ac at CTCMPAO. 

Her main goal is to use the TCM approach to exactly identify her patient’s condition and causes of disease and Treat them both mentally and physically in order for them to continue to live their lives in a healthy and happy manner.